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Tente Castors

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Better Mobility. Better Life.


Globally Operating Company

Tente Castors

TENTE has been developing smart mobility solutions since 1923. Solutions which improve peoples working environment. Solutions which increase productivity, ensure more safety and open up new horizons in matters of design, durability as well as environmental friendliness.

No matter whether it‘s for industrial, commercial, medical technology, heavy goods transport, mechanical engineering, intralogistics, factory equipment or the furniture sector, TENTE’s castors and wheels set new standards and put influential changes in motion.

Productivity, Profitability & Safety

Smart Mobility Solutions

Tente design and manufacture smart mobility solutions, which are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, saving you time, effort, energy and operational costs.

Their smart mobility solutions are designed to improve working methods and conditions, thereby achieving diverse optimisation of processes and ensuring increased productivity, profitability and safety.

Tente Castor Solutions

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